Just a few of my favourite things about these products:-The fact that they are all natural – safe for everyone (even people I know with extreme allergies to everything from gluten to dyes use these products with confidence).-They are not overpoweringly strong-smelling like some products – after a bath, your home doesn’t smell like a perfume factory!-Unbelievable longevity. A store bought bar of soap will last us a week and a half at the most; Head 2 Toe’s soap lasts at least three times as long!- LIP BALM, LIP BALM, LIP BALM… if you haven’t bought yourself one (or three!) yet, you are seriously missing out. Delicately flavoured with a silky texture, the balm literally melts on your lips and stays put for a ridiculously long time. My lips have NEVER felt so soft. It’s like a make-over for your mouth.-Tub Truffles should come with a warning label: “Do not […]

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