Spinning Swirl Soap

The spinning swirl is a fairly new design technique that has come out.  Soapmakers always seem to be searching for new swirl designs that we can incorporate into our handmade soap bars.

I was feeling adventurous and of course, had to try this new technique.  I was feeling quite confident on this day so decided I was going to work with 8 different colours.  It started out great but as I was about half way through pouring the soap into the mold I realized some critical errors that I made:

  1. I used too big of a mold for the first time attempting this swirl;
  2. I was taking too long;
  3. I was pouring too many multiple pours;
  4. Because I took too long my soap batter thickened too quickly and the “spinning” part didn’t work out how it should have or how I envisioned things to go in my head.

Overall, my soap still turned out all right.  It smells great, LOL.  I will try this technique again and since now I know my mistakes, next time it should look fabulous.  Click HERE to purchase a bar of Vampire’s Bite Soap.

Spinning Swirl photos (7)

Here is my video that I took of the process.  Feel feel free to watch any of my other videos on my YouTube Channel.



This is what it should have gone like:


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