Social Media Seminar

Today was the half day seminar that I signed up for with the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference in Indianapolis.  The Seminar was Social Media Sales Funnel with Melissa Ward.

I ended up writing 5 pages of notes for this seminar so I think I got my money’s worth! LOL.

Melissa is a great speaker and presenter.  Her presentation was very informative and I ended up having plenty of ah-ha moments throughout the day.

I was extremely happy and relieved that I am actually doing things that I should be doing with social media:

1) I have a Newsletter

2) I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3) I have a Blog

I feel like I am on the right path but still have plenty of work to still do though. I will changing a couple of things on my website and social media pages.

I will be asking some questions in upcoming Blog posts for you to help me with some things. After all, I am in business because of you.

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