Soap from Mexico

I recently just got back from a much deserved trip to Mexico.  My husband and I usually go away once a year and this year we decided to go to the Mayan Riviera.  We have been there several times before and are scuba divers so we try and go somewhere where there is good diving.

We took a trip into Playa Del Carmen and I was looking for soapmakers.  I brought down a couple bars of Head 2 Toe soap so that I could give the new soapmaker friends some of my bars.  I was disappointed to not find any soapmakers.

I love chocolate and of course when I saw a chocolate shop I had to go in to check it out.  Well surprise, surprise – they had chocolate soap actually made in Mexico!

That was it – I had to buy it.  It would have been nice to actually meet the maker but it was just the retail store selling the product.  After further investigation, it turns out the soap company sells a bunch of different products. Check them out for yourself at

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