Soap Challenge 2013: Week 2 – Elemental Swirl

Welcome back to week 2 of Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge.  This week the challenge was to do an Elemental Swirl.  This challenge made me nervous and excited at the same time.  Nervous because I have never attempted anything like this before and the fact that timing is everything.  I certainly didn’t have time to procrastinate.  I was worried that my soap batter was going to thicken way too quickly and that it wouldn’t work out.  I used a fragrance oil that I had never soaped with before (which really isn’t a good idea when trying something new – especially with swirls).  It worked in my favour, to my relief!  I had to pre-plan everything out.  It took me awhile to decide on which colours to use.  Excited because I have seen this technique before and wanted to try it but too nervous too!  LOL.  So it is a good thing for this challenge, as I probably wouldn’t have attempted this on my own.

The process went ok but I am disappointed with the results.  I like how the bottom layer turned out but I am not happy with the top layer.  I think it looks too muddy.  The colours I used didn’t do it justice either.  Oh well, I tried, right?  I am not sure I would do this technique again though – only time will tell.  At the end of the challenge I will be posting all the soap challenge photos on my Facebook page.



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