Soap Challenge 2013: Week 1 – Tiger Stripe

Last week I signed up for a soap challenge.  Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks ( initiated this soap challenge and there are several other soapmakers from around the world participating.  Amy did a soap challenge last year but I missed out and was really disappointed, so I was quite excited that she introduced a new one for 2013.  I was quite thrilled about week 1: Tiger Stripe.  I decided to make two different batches, one using Essential Oils and natural colourants and the other using a fragrance oil and micas.

The first batch I did was the Essential Oil blend with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Wintergreen.  I used Activated Charcoal, Annatto and Dulse for the colours.  I have used Activate Charcoal and Annatto several times and I love the way it mixes and how the colours turn out.  I have never used Dulse before and it didn’t mix very with in the oils, but I still think it turned out all right, even if it is a little speckled.

The second batch is Blackberry Spice using mica colours.  I am thrilled with how both these batches turned out and now that I know this isn’t all that difficult, I will definitely be making more soap using this technique.  The results are stunning!


Thanks Amy for putting on another challenge.  I look forward to learning new skills and techniques in the coming weeks ahead.


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