Slowly Getting There…

Several months ago my husband and I decided to sell our home in Winfield and move closer to town in Kelowna.  We wanted to do this for a couple of reasons:
1)  Have my husband working from home instead of paying a lease and 
2)  I was running out of space for my business 

We decided we would purchase a home with a suite so that we could both run our business out of the suite.  Originally, we were supposed to get possession of the new house for August 31st but the people who purchased our home in Winfield wanted it for June 24th.  We were ok with this and the people we were purchasing from were willing to move the dates up to June as well, with the agreement of us keeping the tenants in the suite until August 31.

At the time I had plenty of stock and thought it would carry me through until we got access to the suite (September 1) but I was sadly mistaken and it has been extremely challenging.  I have had to make soap along the way but currently my stock is about 1/2 of what it normally is.

The good news is that we now have the suite and I am trying to get organized and unpacking boxes, but I need shelving put up to organize everything.  It has been a struggle but I am very grateful for being able to have a great location (and more space) for my business.


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