Photo Shoot Day

I am very fortunate that my husband, Tony has a marketing and photography business.  His primary business is Real Estate marketing and photography but he also does some other photography projects.  He is very creative and has a great eye for details. It was his suggestion to bring in a model. 

He was able to find a model for me named Crystal (yes, I know, my name is Crystal too).  She was willing to come in and have Tony take a whole bunch of pictures of her with some of my products.  This way the photos are unique to me and not random photos from the internet.  All in all, Crystal was here for about an hour and Tony ended up taking about 120 photos.  She was such a good sport about the whole thing.
I now have the task of going through all the photos to pick and choose the ones that will use for the products, website and social media advertising.  Could take awhile so stay tuned!

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