Passion Fruit Papaya Spinning Swirl (Take 2)

This is the second time I have tried the Spinning Swirl technique.

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IMG_6216 IMG_4605 IMG_4606

I decided to play it safe this time and use a smaller mold this time and less colours.

IMG_4607 IMG_4609 IMG_4615

It was a little bit challenging to actually spin it with the large wood mold I was using.

At one point I almost had a disaster and knocked the camera over as I hit one

of the legs of the camera stand.  Ooops.

IMG_4510 IMG_6218

Two luscious fruits combine perfectly to create a supreme tropical blend. 

I love a great fruit scent and this one is almost perfect.

IMG_6220 IMG_6305

I am really happy with how the swirls turned out.

IMG_6306 IMG_6307 IMG_6309 IMG_6311

If you would like to read the blog post from the first time I tried the Spinning Swirl technique, click HERE.

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Watch the video of the making the Passion Fruit Papaya soap.



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