My Dear Husband Booth-Sitting

I accidentally double booked myself without realizing it.  I booked an event, Shoparama in Vernon, for Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29th.  I have done this event for the last five years and look forward to it every year since it is usually my first event of the season.  
IMG_5541 IMG_5542I found out that a band was coming to Penticton that I really wanted to see.  I convinced a friend to come with me and purchase the ticket. Shortly there after, I realized that the concert and Shoparama were happening on the same day. DOH! I didn’t want to back out of Shoparama or the concert.

I was speaking with my husband, Tony, about my situation and he offered to help me out at Shoparama. Now, you have to understand – my dear husband hasn’t EVER watched my booth before.  I was a little bit nervous that he was going to give incorrect information to customers.  He arrived at 3:00 so I could give him a quick run down of the products and I made him a list of all the prices.

Late afternoon and evening at Shoparama is usually pretty slow anyways but I was still a bit nervous leaving him  I had to drive two hours to Penticton. About 40 minutes after I left he sent me a text saying he made his first sale.  Yeah!IMG_5543In the end he made a couple of sales and did all right.  It ended up being very slow for the four hours that he was there.  I made it to the concert and loved every minute of it and was very grateful that I was able to go.  A very special thank you to my husband, Tony, for taking time away from his business to help me with mine.


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