Lavender Soap & Witches Brew Soap

Well I think I did it – I made my first soapmaking video and hopefully there will be more to come.  I was actually quite impressed with the videos and am in the processes of learning the software to edit them.  For my first one – I think it turned out ok, with the exception of me talking too much!!  LOL.  It will be a learning curve but all in all, I can’t really complain.  I will be using my iPhone to shoot the videos and for these two I ended up recording upside down.  I managed to turn it right side up so it was salvageable.

I know they are long and I would like to work on that a bit more.  I watch other soapmakers videos that are just as long too so maybe that is all right.  I don’t really get tired of watching them as it is an addiction and I feel like my brain is a sponge when it comes to soapmaking, as I am always wanting to learn new techniques and designs.

Please let me know what your thoughts and opinions are of the videos – good and bad.  I will also post a video when I cut both of these soaps.  Enjoy!

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  • Hey Crystal! Great videos. I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Tania from Summerland Soap Co and I work with Andrea.
    Great job and maybe we will see each other soon.Take care 🙂

  • Helen Mills says:

    What do you use to clean your sink?!?! Sparkly or what?! Great video!! You'd never know it was a first one! And I didn't think you talked too much at all!