Feet Exfoliated by Fish?

My husband and I traveled to Mexico in December for some much needed rest and relaxation. We went into Playa Del Carmen one day for some sight seeing. We came across a fish spa at the Wayan Natural Wear store.  I have heard about these and have a girlfriend that tried it and and lived to tell about it. I was a bit skeptical and a whole lot grossed out about the whole thing. Having fish eat your dead skin?  Hmmmm, yeah I don’t know.

We spoke with the couple whose legs are in the picture and they swore by it. They admitted that it was a little weird but it was worth it and their feet were really soft afterwards.  We decided to carry on our way and give it some thought.  Well, I guess we couldn’t stop thinking about it so we made our way back to try it.  After all, it was only $10 per person for 15 minutes, and the fact that Head 2 Toe makes Body Scrubs to exfoliate your skin and I am open to anything that helps exfoliate.


I was totally grossed out at first and it really tickled.  I normally don’t have ticklish feet but this was just so different.  I got used to it after awhile and it wasn’t so bad.  Apparently, the fish don’t actually eat the dead skin, they just pick it off.

Check out Trip Advisor for their reviews.  Watch the YouTube video below.

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