Do You Need to be Scrubbed?

I have recently started making body scrubs – well, truth be told, I have actually been making them for quite a looooong time.  I could never seem to get them right.  They really are tricky things I tell ya!  Either they are too thick and not enough oil, or they are way too oily.  One batch was so bad that I had just finished trying it on my hands and they were so slicked with oil that I had to wash my hands with soap and water three times (yes, three times) before they felt ok.  Now, I know that is not such a bad thing since, ahem, I am a soapmaker and like to test out my own soap but Yuck!

I gave up trying for awhile and then felt inspired to try again and boy am I glad I did.  I think I have the perfect blend of sugar and oil combined!  My new recipe is just the right amount of oil that leaves your skin very soft and not greasy or oily.  It is wonderful in the shower for a full body scrub or for just using on your hands and feet.  

I hope you enjoy watching the video of me making the Energizing Body Scrub and you can find it and other scents for purchase here.  

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