Day 3 at the Soapmakers Convention

This is the last day of the convention.  I was happy that I was able to share a room with my regular roommate, Michele.  We get along great and this is the fourth time we have stayed together and have already committed to next year’s convention in Tampa, Florida.

Breakfast started at 7:00 and we were running a little bit late because of previous late nights.  One of my favourite speakers was first up and I didn’t wan’t to miss any of her presentation.

How to Open a Soap Shop
Charlene Simon is a great speaker and I love listening to her. She was so generous on giving us the information we need to open a retail store – how to secure and run it while selling our handmade goods.  Topics included business planning, start-up costs, insurance, trademarks, employees and marketing and selling.  I really could listen to her all day.


Start Teaching for a Profit
La Shonda Tyree gave us a “how to” workshop designed for teaching our craft and skills.  I was quite excited about this session as I have been giving some serious consideration to teaching.  This gave me some good pointers and the confidence and motivation to start putting things in place to offer classes.


Basic Lotions and Creams from Scratch
Beth Byrne showed us that making lotions and creams are easier to make than we think.  It really is quite easy and so much better for you than the lotions you purchase in stores with all the chemicals.  Beth used butters, oils and emulsifiers. She showed us how to properly sterilize all of our utensils and work surface and provided information for us to create our own recipes.

The Psychology of Colour
Michelle Rhoades taught us which colours to use to stimulate potential customers and how colour influences people to buy.  Colour can stimulate learning, perception, and buying.


All of our seminars were now finished for the entire convention and it was time for the awards dinner.  We learned that the 2017 convention is gong to be held in……


 I will definitely be going to the 2017 convention!!!!

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