Day 2 at the Soapmakers Conference

The second day of the conference was just as full as the first.  We started out with breakfast a little later – 7:30am and then our sessions started at 8:30am. 


Little White Lyes
Kevin Dunn taught us how to determine if we have bad lye. He is very humorous to listen to and even though he is a scientist, he explains things in an easy-to-understand manner.

Custom Packaging
Jack Leitman explained about purchasing large quantities and all the different types of bottles, tubes, tops, molds, etc.  He was a plethora of information.

Melt & Pour Like a Pro
Ariane Arsenault is definitely an expert at melt & pour glycerin soap.  She gave up tips on the right equipment, tools, colouring, layering and embedding.  She provided a demonstration on making rainbow soap.  I learned quite a bit from her class.
















Advanced Swirling Made Easy
Erica Pence taught us about different types of swirl techniques. I have always felt as if I am swirl challenged.  I was able to speak with Erica after the class and she gave me some different things to try out.



Indy 500 & Tailgaiting Party
Snacks and games were provided for the evening.



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