Day 1 at the Soapmakers Conference

Today was officially day 1 of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If was a jam-packed full day of seminars and an evening event.  We started the day at 7:15 am with breakfast and picked up our goodie bag.


Here is a run down on the of my first day:

Growing Through Publicity
We learned how to approach magazines, etc to see if they would like to showcase our handmade products.



Anatomy of a Compelling Brand
This session was presented by Lela Barker. She taught us about the basics of branding and why it is important. Think about Nike, Starbucks, Harley Davidson….the people that purchase these shoes, coffee or motorcycles are all loyal to the brand and usually refuse to purchase anything else. She spoke about brand stories, ideal customers and packaging.




We broke for an hour and a half networking lunch. I had the privilege of sitting beside Christi Rose, who creates these awesome swirled soap bars and nail polish. She was kind enough to share some tips and pointers and I am anxious to try them out.

Naked Marketing
A Return to Intimacy in the Digital Age by Melissa Ward.
This is the same presenter from the day before where I took her class on Social Media. In today’s class, Melissa spoke of online marketing methods and offered tips on standing out from my competitors in the same industry.

Melissa was offering a free 1/2 hour consultation so I took her up on that and she answered all of my questions and gave me some very useful information that I will be starting to incorporate.

Protect What’s Yours; Respect What’s Theirs by Dave Pardue.
I admidt that I was a little bit lost in this session. Dave spoke of copyright for websites, labels, logos, pictures, etc. Now granted, this was based on US law, not Canadian so I didn’t really try and understand it. I would much prefer to learn the Canadian ways.


We had a little bit of a break and then it was time for our evening event of Boogie Down Disco. Lots of people were dressed up and we were fed a light dinner. A DJ played disco music for us to get our groove on. It was also a time to get to network with other soap and cosmetic makers.

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