Bubble Gum Soap

When I was making the Bubble Gum Soap I was striving for a nice orange, pink and white swirled soap.

The pink is definitely the predominate colour.

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I used a Bubblegum fragrance which reminds me of a big, sweet, juicy gum ball.


The soap batter stayed at a very light trace for the entire time I was making it.

In truth, it could have been thicker as the swirls would have turned out more defined than what they did.


I am happy with how it turned out and it really does smell like Bubble Gum.


The top swirls turned out beautiful but unfortunately, it did darken

while going through saponification.



I image these soaps will get darker as they are curing because

the fragrance does contain vanilla, which tends to darken the soap.

IMG_6292 IMG_6290

Purchase Bubble Gum Soap HERE.

Watch the video of me making the Bubble Gum soap.

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