Bath Bombs are NOT my Friend!

I think I might genuinely hate making bath bombs. They remind me of a child who throws a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way.

Best Bath Bombs
I believe in listening to the “signs” that are around you. They were trying to tell me that it was my calling to make bath bombs. Everywhere I looked I was seeing bath bombs in videos and pictures. Even at the Soapmakers convention there was a bath bomb course and a new bath bomb book was even being released. I was pretty excited and again, listening to the signs, I was sure I was supposed to be making these. After all, I even have a bath bomb press! What more did I need?
Best Bath Bombs
I started last week and they turned out all right but I found the mixture too wet. Bath bombs require the perfect consistency because they’re very temperamental. Oh, and humidity can make a huge difference too. I added sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA), which is supposed to add bubbles to the bombs. I let them dry for 24 hours and then decided to test them. They didn’t float, instead they sank. They also didn’t really create a whole lot of bubbles. I know that they would produce more bubbles if I would have dropped it into the tub while the water was running but, I believe most people like to add the bomb after the tub is full. After all, that is the fun part, right?
I altered the 2nd batch. I didn’t add the SLSA this time but did add more cornstarch. I thought I had the perfect consistency – not too wet, not too dry -they stuck together really well. Yeah, I got taken! 24 hours later most of them are cracked. The majority are salvageable but some definitely won’t be sold.
Best Bath BombsI even tried to use my bath bomb press because I recently purchased 2 new molds for it. Yup, every time I tried to use it the mixture would get stuck! GRRRR. I continued using my round ball molds but those kept cracking too, which is not helpful. I did however, break down and ordered a couple stainless steel molds. Hopefully that might be my saving grace. The good news is these ones float!
I am discouraged but not ready to throw in the towel yet. The bombs are challenging me and I feel the need to conquer them! I am thankful that they are only for the winter months. I don’t think I could do this year round, but then again, I would probably master it sooner.

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