A FREE Trip to Montreal – Part 2 (Day 2)

Saturday Morning we arose and ventured downstairs in the hotel for the breakfast buffet.  It was a very nice variety of items and once we gobbled up as much as we could we were ready to start our day.

Today was Nicole’s $2500 personal shopping experience at HOLT RENFREW. Now, I have to be honest – when Nicole first told me about this I had never heard of this store.  I was thinking she would have to bring a couple of empty suitcases since $2500 is a lot to spend.  My eyes were opened VERY quickly after looking at the store’s website.  I soon realized that she might walk away with 2-3 items.

IMG_5218 IMG_5216

IMG_5214We met with Danny, her personal shopper for the next couple of hours.  He brought us to the “special” change room and offered us a bottle of water.  Danny was asking Nicole what she was looking for so that it would give him an idea of things he could pick out for her.  Then they went on a mission to pick out various clothing items for her to try on.

I decided to try and find the most expensive handbag in the store. I met one of the employees who was very eager to show it to me. Now, I have never been into brand names so I didn’t even pay attention to the brand (my bad).  The handbag was behind a locked glass cabinet.  He unlocked the cabinet and then proceeded to put gloves on so that he could take it out and show it to me.  I was very impressed that he explained the handbag to me in great detail. Here is the handbag – only $10,000.00!



IMG_5220If that one seems a bit pricey to you then you will be happy to hear that I did manage to find a cheaper one.  This one was only $1980.00.  I guess that would be more in line for a soapmakers budget right? Um, yeah, not this soapmaker! LOL.


IMG_5222Once Danny and Nicole finished perusing the store, we all went back to the dressing room for the fashion show. I got to sit in the dressing room while she tried the various items on and I got to say if I liked it or not.  All in all, Nicole did very well.  She purchased a dress, a pair of pants, a top, a sweater/jacket, a pair of shoes and a handbag (just not the $10,000 one).  She even had $500 left to take home to Vancover to spend at the HOLT RENFREW store there.





IMG_5230 IMG_5229


IMG_5245After we left the store we went back to the hotel to get ready to meet my Sister, Dawn and her fiance, for dinner. We had a great time catching up with each other since it has been over 5 long years from the last time we saw each other.  We obviously had a lot to talk about about and time just seemed to speed by. They drove us back to our hotel where Nicole and I snuck up to the 17th floor to get a picture of the door at room 1742 because this was the room that John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their “BED IN” on May 26, 1969.



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