I have never tried anything like these soaps! I love the appearance, fragrance and most of all the RESULTS!! Skin feels clean, not greasy nor too tight ! I am so grateful for natural, environmentally safe products, and so reasonably priced!!! The lotion stick and lip balms are an incredible hit in my office!!! Will have to get you to put up a little display in the office, maybe for Easter?


I just wanted to tell you that I bought your grapefruit lotion stick at creative chaos this year, and I absolutely LOVE it! I work in an office at a computer all day and I have an vent right above me that blows air on my hands all day long. My hands get so dry throughout the day! It’s the perfect lotion because I can just rub a little on the tops of my hands to keep my skin from drying while I’m typing. The best part is that I can just put the lotion on the top of my hand and not all over my palms, which means I don’t make a huge mess of my keyboard and mouse! It’s the perfect product for anyone who works on a computer all day!


I love the soaps, they clean really well, smell great, and I love the fact that I can shave in the shower with them. I like to keep my routine short and simple, so I don?t use a separate shaving cream, just use the foam from the soap to shave my legs and underarm area. With store bought soaps I get little red bumps and dry skin on my legs. Your soaps leave my skin smooth with no razor bumps or irritation.


I play hockey a couple times a week and can never seem to get the smelly hockey glove smell off my hands after a game. I purchased one of Head 2 Toe’s soaps and low and behold, the smell is gone. Way to go Head 2 Toe! My wife thanks you too.


My husband loves the bath truffles in his bath, He has arthritis and said the bath truffles are soothing. I love all of Head 2 Toe’s products. Tried the mud mask today and my skin felt so much softer and felt cleaner. Tomorrow both my husband and I will try the bath salts. Head 2 Toe has the nicest ,natural, cleanest products on the market. Both my husband and I will be back for more of your products. Keep producing please.


I use the soap every morning in my shower, and it makes my skin feel sooo squeaky clean, and it lathers up so nice….and smells so delicately. Knowing there are no chemicals in the soap is comforting. Thanks Head 2 Toe!


I really like the brown sugar lip balm. My lips are always chapped and this really makes them feel so soft. It’s not messy like “chapstick” and there is no waxy taste left on your lips.


I love the Acai lotion stick! It glides on smooth and is not messy like the lotion creams.


Just a few of my favourite things about these products:-The fact that they are all natural – safe for everyone (even people I know with extreme allergies to everything from gluten to dyes use these products with confidence).-They are not overpoweringly strong-smelling like some products – after a bath, your home doesn’t smell like a perfume factory!-Unbelievable longevity. A store bought bar of soap will last us a week and a half at the most; Head 2 Toe’s soap lasts at least three times as long!- LIP BALM, LIP BALM, LIP BALM… if you haven’t bought yourself one (or three!) yet, you are seriously missing out. Delicately flavoured with a silky texture, the balm literally melts on your lips and stays put for a ridiculously long time. My lips have NEVER felt so soft. It’s like a make-over for your mouth.-Tub Truffles should come with a warning label: “Do not […]


I was never really a “soap” person – more body wash & shower gels. When I tried the soap – I loved it – lathers up nicely. Leaves you feeling really silky clean and not dry, like most soaps. The best part – no more shaving lotion – using this soap on my legs gave the smoothest shave ever. I’ll be buying more for sure.